Shakeela Marriage with Satheesh Marriage Wedding Reception Photos

Shakeela has finally announced who her Mr. Right is! The lady told the media a few days ago that she would soon wed her beau in June 2010 but refused to divulge more details as she had to get permission from him.

The actress has now come out with the details. Shakeela is engaged to Chennai-based businessman P G Sathish, who is also associated with Vijayakanth’s DMDK.

She also revealed that the engagement ceremony took place about a month ago and the wedding date will be announced soon.Shakeela will continue to act in films even after her wedding.

Shakeela, known for the magnetic looks and her sexy body has been a public figure till now and she is going to become a very private property owned by a very wealthy industrialist in the south. Stated to be a long time friend this industrialist hails from Chennai and his name is Satish. With parents consent these love birds are expected to tie the knot on February 4th in Chennai. Naturally she is a known figure in the southern film industry, especially in Kerala

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