$exy Riya Sen became the hot property of men -
Riya Sen, the sizzling $exiest actress these days has become the hot property of men. Just at the sight of Riya Sen men get hot with their sensuous feelings soaring high for her. She feels that every guy on the street wants to marry her.

Caught up in the vortex of her own hot n $exy image, Riya Sen today dreads to venture out of home. She proudly says, "I can’t walk on the roadside, can’t go to the market and shop. I even have to think twice before going to a restaurant with my friends because I know there are some people waiting to haunt me. I have lost my freedom." She further adds that she loves her $exy image. "That’s always been a compliment for me." Hot Riya Sen concluded.

Riya Sen outrageously wooing men of all ages -
Bollywood's hottest bombshell Riya Sen is thinking of changing her image from that of $eductive $iren to suave village belly. Because, she says, her $exual image has fatally attracted more and more men, who were trying to $educe her and as such she is fed up. Riya Sen says, "I will have to think about what I have to wear if this continues."

Well the grapevine questions if she changes her $exy image to that of innocent girl will the mass wooing stops?" If a tiger removes its stripes can it become a lamb? If Riya Sen transforms herself won't men get provoked still? Her millions of fans wonder and feel that $exiness is in her blood. It is in fact her soul and spirit.

Riya Sen Profile -

Name : Riya Sen
Birth name : Riya Dev Varma
Birthdate : January 24, 1981 (1981-01-24)
Birth place : Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Height : 5' 1" (1.55 m)
Profession : Actress, Model
Education : Loreto House; Kolkata, Rani Birla College; Kolkata
Other Talents : Kathak dancing and Kickboxing
Father : Bharat Dev Varma
Mother : Moon Moon Sen (Actress)
Sister : Raima Sen (Actress)
Grandmother : Suchitra Sen (Actress)
Debut Film as Female lead : Taj Mahal (Tamil)
Claim to Fame : Her role in the film Style (Hindi)

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