Tyra Banks $10 million bra modeling photo shoot

Tyra Banks $10 million bra modeling photo shoot
Tyra Banks former supermodel delightful body as she used to do years ago and she focuses on that rather crappy Tv show where other chicks try to become models and worship her as queen or something.
She’s not what she used to be she gets help from lighting and airbrushes but there’s no denying it: she has still pure magnetism written all over her. She’s voluptous and curvy in all the right spots and we all like that, right? Today we’ve got not one, but two new photoshoots with this babe who is finally back to impress us with her amazing curves.
So… here’s Tyra Banks in some uber sexy photos from Barry Hollywood and also posing for a $10 million bra. That bra is cool but I’d like her more if she would take it off and give it to me so I could sell it and be rich.

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